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The Human Form Is Back in Art in Paris

November 30, 2012 Posted by admin

The human form is back in art in Paris. It is the leading trend this fall for galleristas -- from nude Marilyn Monroe to nude tribal Africans -- the body beautiful is in center stage in all the top ga....

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Art is Whatever the Artist Has to Say

November 27, 2012 Posted by admin

"Art is Whatever the Artist Has to Say", is a quote given to me personally by Tom Sachs at his Space Program Mars exhibit at the NY Armory last spring. Graffitti Art, or “Whatever Art” has become....

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Elizabeth Taylor was no snob.

November 22, 2012 Posted by admin

Elizabeth Taylor was no snob. She truly felt all humans had the same value in society. She preferred to befriend cooks, housekeepers and secretaries rather than their bosses, my husband, Ron Berkeley,....

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