When I Needed to Find a New Husband, I Put on a RED Dress.

November 29, 2011 Posted by admin

  When I needed to find a new husband, I put on a RED dress, a red leather strapless mummy dress. "Red is the color to wear to get men," I've been telling my customers for almost forty years. T....

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The Mini Wars

November 24, 2011 Posted by admin

The Mini Wars or the debate over WHO invented the miniskirt and the wrap dress is heating up again. Who did what and when did they do it, has come to the attention of the fashionistas in my new book, ....

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“It’s All About the Dress”

October 13, 2011 Posted by admin

Here is my recent interview on NBC in Washington, DC View more videos at:

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Le Peregrina Pearl

October 5, 2011 Posted by admin

Elizabeth Taylor's infamously outrageous jewelry collection is up for sale on December 13th at Christie's in New York and I'm wondering what new queen will end up with her wandering (the translation o....

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KHOU TV Houston

September 23, 2011 Posted by admin

Your show had amazing results and we sold 185 books last night,and all the grand belles of Houston turned out! Thank you again for the plug,my new career as a writer is off to a brilliant start.xxxVic....

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Susan Bloomberg’s Book Party

September 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Susan Bloomberg's Book Party for "Its  all about the Dress", was to be held in  her rooftop penthouse. Sue was leaving shortly afterwards to move to a new building rooftop  at the end of the month.....

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Thank you!

September 13, 2011 Posted by admin

Thank you all for coming to my book-signing party at Sue Bloomberg's, it was a great turnout and Zarela's pink watermelon margueritas seemed to be loved by all ....and I love you for coming!....

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Book Signing at Bergdorf Goodman

September 10, 2011 Posted by admin

[caption id="attachment_103" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="With Peachy Deegan at Bergdorf Goodman."][/caption] The party at BG was full of fun, I signed my book  to the Merchandise  direct....

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Hampton Sheet Interview

September 6, 2011 Posted by admin

Here is a recent interview with Joan Jedell: Designer Vicky Tiel, author of It’s All About the Dress, tells The Sheet’s Joan Jedell what she’s learned about men, women, sex, and fashion in her ....

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Book Signing Party!

September 3, 2011 Posted by admin

Sooooo exited! Today is the first book signing Of  "It's all about the Dress" at  film producer Gaby Tana's Magnolia Mae Farm in upstate NY. We are having a picnic and my friends ,and her friends ar....

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