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The Fabulous Grandmas 04/08/2023

May 12, 2023 Posted by admin

TO ALL THE FABULOUS GRANDMAS OUT THERE, PLEASE READ THIS. After COVID I decided to stay put on the farm and leave PARIS  for a while. I also sold the family NEW YORK mountain cabin . From’the fall....

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Artists, Assume the World Is Waiting for You

July 23, 2014 Posted by admin

Fifty years ago this week, I was twenty and I showed the mini dress in Paris Couture with my best friend Mia. How and why did two American girls have the COURAGE to cross the Atlantic in May 1964 on ....

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A NEW LIFE ~ 21 Bonaparte by Vicky Tiel

July 15, 2014 Posted by admin

The following is reposted from Lanier - scents memory published 07/12/2014 ( Diana Vreeland looked across ....

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If You Love YSL and Paris Fashion You Must Read This Juicy Story

June 13, 2014 Posted by admin

It's 2007 and YSL, Pierre Berge, Sonia Rykiel, Emmanuelle Khahn and myself, all old and wrinkled and not so fabulous anymore are all seated par hazard on the same banquette in Paris. We were all five,....

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Where to Find Your Second Husband?

May 22, 2014 Posted by admin

Where to find your second husband, and it's not online. Finding husband number two, three or four is very different from finding husband number one as your first husband is made up of innocent dreams....

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Elizabeth Taylor’s New Year’s Eve Tradition

December 31, 2012 Posted by admin

Elizabeth Taylor's New Year's Eve at home during our "fun years" in the sixties consisted of family, fashion, and food. Family consisted of her four kids, Michael, Chris, Liza and Maria; a few of Ri....

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Elizabeth Taylor was no snob.

November 22, 2012 Posted by admin

Elizabeth Taylor was no snob. She truly felt all humans had the same value in society. She preferred to befriend cooks, housekeepers and secretaries rather than their bosses, my husband, Ron Berkeley,....

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It’s about time women rule in the Art World

August 27, 2012 Posted by admin

It's about time women rule in the Art World. We are half the sky and only perhaps 10% to 20% of the art on display in galleries but that will soon change, as 38 % of women now earn more money than men....

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I Lost Weight in 2 Weeks by Giving Up Eating Everything White

August 19, 2012 Posted by admin

I must tell all you ladies how I lost 10 pounds in two weeks by giving up eating everything white! Here is how it happened. I returned from a Paris trip (where I did my fashion-art-food blog with S....

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Having It All

July 27, 2012 Posted by admin

The discussion of Having It All for women is the most important intimate conversation of our times. Melissa Meyer, the pregnant CEO of Google and Professor, Anne-Marie Slaughter, whose recent Atlan....

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