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America Is Getting a Little Erotica Just in Time for the Summer Holidays

May 30, 2012 Posted by admin

America is getting a little erotica just in time for the summer holidays with the smash success of E.L. James's Shades of Grey trilogy. This sexed-up series should liven up the boudoirs of American f....

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“What’s Hot Today, I Asked Her, as Fashion to Make Men Fall in Love With You Has Been My Domain

May 14, 2012 Posted by admin

You know when you're traveling too much, when you are on the 6 a.m. plane and you wake up from a deep sleep and think "I've got to catch my plane." I had been on another world wind book event in L.....

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My Hot Babe Makeover

April 23, 2012 Posted by admin

My 'Hot Babe' makeover for my first TV appearance on HSN started with a cab ride to New York City from our family mountain cabin and the train ride down the Hudson River. "Go slower," I screamed at....

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