Don’t Live a Me Me Life

December 29, 2020 Posted by Vicky Tiel

Live to help others, other people, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your workmates, and all the plants ans all the animals. You are blessed by the universe, by karma, if you focus outside of yourself. Focus on everyone and everything else and you become HAPPY. ( It’s my secret).

What I am wearing is from my closet and my mother’s closet. Crochet squares in a long vest from MIA VICKY Paris boutique 1969, white WAL MART T shirt with haute couture beading, Bianchini print silk scarf with 15 colors that is the most expensive print in the world in 1985, Black wool pants from my mothers closet, wine crocodile purse from Rome, print vintage heels from Miami, Bakelite bracelets I collect in Florida, Bakalite belt from Goall E 23 st NY

Wear this to a lunch with girlfriends, to a holiday dinner, or a birthday party.