Find a «Life Part Two» Job

January 4, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

I’m 77 and 10 years ago I saw my high fashion sales go downhill so I TOOK UP WRITING.

AS MY LIFE PART TWO JOB. I wrote my first book about my career « IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DRESS » and hoped to inspire others to FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS. It worked so I wrote a second book and now I’m writing my own TV series based on my life story and another TV series based on solving murders, my passion since I read my first Nancy Drew at 10.

Retirement at 65 IS OVER as 65 is the new 45 and 85 is the new 65. ( if you are happy, and eat correctly and exercise you can live to be 100) and you need a life part two job. So follow your dreams and play your instrument and join a band, make or sell jam from your fruit trees, or raise chickens and sell their eggs or make and sell deviled eggs or paint and sell your art online. IF YOU LOVE IT….JUST DO IT.

What I’m wearing.

My Vicky Tiel wrap dress is from HSN TV 2012 is a copy of the original wrap done by MIA VICKY in 1967 ( copied later by others), worn with a scarf of silk panne velvet from Brochier Paris 1986, printed silk heels from Carel Paris, 1978, black hose Paris, first purse by Gucci Rome that I bought in 1965, Bakelite bracelets 1950s from Miami thrift shops, Tutankhamen gold necklace from the Cairo museum Egypt 1987.

Where would I wear this, at work on HSN or any work meeting or any professional meetings, on a first date at a nice French restaurant, I would add my perfume FEMME ABSOLUE on my décollée.