February 26, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO….and Iris Apfel can do it at 97.
To dress half your age you must read this message!

First of all YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and keep the confident happy go lucky smile on your face, even in the bank queue or at the doctors office.

Second, you can mix and match every which way with grandma’s clothes and Thriftwear, but you must wear a posh, real SIGNATURE GUCCI OR A CHANEL PURSE. I wore this signature GUCCI ( photo below) that I bought in 1965 in Rome during my hippy days when in 1969 I registered into the elegant Dorchester Hotel in London, and they took one look at the striped Gucci bag and dismissed my torn rag poncho and my ripped jeans with holes and greeted me with a big «  Hello Madame Tiel ». It was way before that was the look, when all rock stars ripped their jeans, and didn’t comb their hair. Ripped became a MUST in show biz, but the 600$ purse became a MUST as well.

Wearing youthful fashion as you age also requires full on hair and makeup and fabulous fun Thrift store jewelry and oversized Hermès style scarves ( think Dr.Birx), and wearing the hippest shoes even if they are sneakers! Wearing one color from top to bottom is old lady especially the boring camel color unless you have a sexy low cut lime green beaded T-shirt under the jacket and fab red sneakers

What I am wearing..
I have taken my solid colored VICKY TIEL wrap dress for HSN and covered it with a printed silk cut velvet haute couture shawl and silk printed heels and black hose to take away the boring one color look. I’m making fun of « an old lady with a shawl look ». This happy play on color look takes 30 years away. It is also is a must to wear this look at 70 to keep your weight not more than 2 sizes larger than at 30. I went from 38_40 to 42_44 by not drinking alcohol nor sugar drinks and not eating red meat, but by eating 5 to 7 red to purple fruits and vegetables a day and not eating much white except, vanilla ice cream covered in raspberries and blueberries.