April 2, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

The word is QUIRKY
Quirky is everything for the 2020’s

The 1960’s word was HIPPY SEXY
The 1970’s word was MINIDRESS
The 1980’s word was DISCO-STONED
The 1990’s word was SOBRIETY
The 2000’s word was NEW-AGE
The 2010’s word was RECESSION

Quirky is EVERYWHERE, ART, MUSIC, CINEMA, VIDEOS, FASHION, BEAUTY, and especially TV COMMERCIALS. My favorite is the Allstate commercial, the one with the sexy silver car hood ornament singing along with the cute basketball star.

QUIRKY DRESSING is now the key to Fashion and Fashion celebrities such as Billie Eilish and her mentor Justin Bieber. They totally RULE. Even in rural Alabama women have ombré green to silver hair in the supermarkets buying tomatoes.

Quirky Home Decor is next, as well as Quirky weddings, childbirth, and I assume education. It’s perfect as we’re headed to outer space any day.

My purple Ton sur Ton sweatsuit is from Paris in the 90’s, my cowboy hat is from Dallas, my black crocodile crossbody purse is Vicky Tiel HSN, my red crocodile shoes are from Carel Paris in the 1970’s and my polka dot tote is from Paris 2015.