My Diet by Numbers

September 27, 2013 Posted by admin

Most Americans eat 3 servings of fruits, vegetables and nuts a day. I was shocked to find this out when I did a study while traveling on airplanes for fashion shows at 21 Neiman Marcus stores around America. When my airplane neighbors heard my age and saw my size, they immediately start to talk “diet”.
Here is what I learned from my survey.

Even when told they should eat 5 servings per day  most Americans eat 3 fruits , vegetables and nuts….a day ! They prefer processed food!
Why ?

Do you suppose they rather pig out then live longer?
Having lived in France since the age of 20 and having worked for 49 years in French Fashion, I naturally ate healthier, but now at 69 I realize I’m still alive, pretty without botox, surgery, and foremost I never get sick ( except for the occasional suitcase that falls on my head try to avoid an aisle seat going to Atlanta ).

I would like to share How I Eat. This is not a DIET. I have never been on a diet in my life or counted a calorie. This is how I live everyday. I eat a minimum of 9 servings of fruits, vegetables and nuts per day.

My Lifestyle Diet by numbers. It is especially good for the over 50.

5am Breakfast
2 slices of toast of grain bread, the more grains the merrier,  my favorite has cranberry and nuts…..topped by my homemade pear or fig jam ( never butter) or dark berry jam with fruit if store bought .
With 3 tangerines, 1 orange or half Grapefruit ( eating the pulp helps fight disease)

French espresso coffee black no sugar always 2-3 cups in my favorite mug …..
Total 2 servings of Fruits , Vegetables and Nuts

Twice a week I will have simple omelettes on my Florida farm preferably with my own chicken’s eggs.. I always eat omelettes in Paris with Suisse cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes , so it’s not daily.

11 am snack
Greek yogurt with Blueberries,  Raspberries and lots of almond nut chips ( when at home in the South I chop fresh pecans off the trees) of if traveling I eat raw almonds I carry.
Total 3 servings

Lunch at 1 pm .
Salad mostly dark red lettuce some greens ..tomatoes,  avocato, my own  basil, spinach goat cheese ( healthiest)  in the center with olive oil my son Richard makes himself in Sicily, ground pepper, Never Salt.
Total 3 servings

I also replace olive oil with fresh store bought coleslaw ( without much mayo) as my dressing ..and top this off with a baked fish on top either 1 crab cake or1/2 cup baked salmon or fresh Gulf shrimp .

I also eat my famous shrimp sandwich…my summer daily sandwich when my tomatoes are deep red.

Whole wheat toast, one side shrimp sauce, one side mayo ( light) and I put 5 giant shrimps, 2 slices of tomato , half an avocado, lots of pepper. It runs so it’s best to eat over a sink  or in a swimsuit at the pool.
Total 2 servings

Teatime Snack  at 4
( I do not snack on chips between meals as most French people do not snack and prefer exquisite meals)
My snack is , 2 dark chocolate squares( filled with Pistachio)  or 2 Tea cookies with my fruit tea or 1 Laduree macaroon
If I really want a snack outside of a meal I freeze a bag of red or purple grapes and eat a few dozen of them instead of ice cream. Sometimes I have an apple or pear at Teatime if I’m on the go but this 4oclock  snack is helpful for late day energy.
Total 1 serving

Dinner at 630 pm 730 in Paris is fish cooked in 1/2 lemon juice , coleslaw with berries and nuts , with veggies either sweet potatoes or squash ( if in a restaurant sweet potato fries not white)
Melon for dessert or 1 scoop of Yogurt ice cream with lots of strawberries or blueberries or mixed , pistachio chips or any nuts on top
Total 4 servings

I try to sleep at 1030 so I have 4 hours to digest dinner and not eat and sleep. I eat  no carbs at dinner after 7 except in Paris where the bread is so wonderful. If I eat carbs I stay up later. My bread ( carb ) is generally in the morning, then every other day also at noon

No salt on my food only pepper on my prepared food and lots of spices.
no white sugar in cookies only brown except for boxed cookies at tea .
A small dose of butter in my 2 cookies will not hurt.

I am no longer a meat eater as when we acquired a farm I fell in love with my neighbors cows! I replace meat with a great “catch of the day” fish when in a restaurant.
I rarely eat white food as red and purple food is known to fight cancer. If I eat in a restaurant I will eat their fresh pasta or a great veggie burger or occasional fried calamari or lobster roll or moules or sole mariniere in Paris. When I eat in a nice restaurant I will have desert too. As I eat out 3 -4 nights a month it is good to be happy and eat what the restaurant cooks best! If I eat 90 meals a month , 4 meals at good restaurants is only 5 percent of the food in my tummy. I have a great dessert as a treat in the restaurant as I’m never on a diet!

Total fruit and veggies nuts …9 -14 a Day!
As I wrote in a chapter of my book “It’s All About the Dress” that You Are What You Drink, and we are 80 percent  water so my lifestyle diet must mention what I drink.

I noticed my couture customers who drank soda pop and carbonated drinks had a very ugly bumpy fat especially on their stomachs and thighs. I recommend no soda pop ever!
I drink water with lemon , melon of cucumber in it for fun in a beautiful vintage tall glass
Or fresh squeezed fruit juice or
Tea , coffee and iced tea with lots of lemon.( 1 serving)
On airplanes I drink tomato juice.( 1 serving )
Wine, drink mostly red wine as the dark color fruit is better than white wine for health. ( The French say their white wine gave Germans nightmares and thus the wars) .
If you drink cocktails try to mix with dark fruit.
Try to not drink over 1 unit of alcohol a day, especially over 50.

If you did not read my blog on colored food I tell everyone to eat Purple Food First ! ! ! Then eat red, orange, green, yellow and last WHITE food ….as the purple food keeps cancer asleep!

Do not eat white food after 6pm as it makes you fat while you sleep.

If you follow my Diet by Numbers and it works do tell your friends who can’t diet to try it.

Helping others is the best part of life!