No Sex For Shoes

December 30, 2020 Posted by Vicky Tiel


MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY AND BUY YOUR OWN SHOES. Ladies you don’t need a man for money, you choose who you want to have sex with because he or she is wonderful and they turn you on and as they say in Hollywood movies, YOU COMPLETE ME.

Where to wear this outfit, to the races, to a birthday party, shopping at Neiman Marcus Dallas, or on a motorcycle.

What I’m wearing out of my closet, my mother’s closet and shopping the world.

Vicky Tiel haute couture silk satin jodhpurs 1985, Wal Mart T shirt I embroidered with couture beaded lace scraps, Ferrari jacket from the film « Le Mans » where I did the costumes for the 1971 Steve McQueen film, the Grand Prix of Monaco cap 2019, crochet panty hose from France 2018, my mother’s Bordeaux heels from the 70´s’, a Harrods tote from Heathrow airport and Trippy Tiel who loves fast cars.

Fashion Tip, I’ve worn the Ferrari jacket over jeans and over long black gowns with slits so you can see the lacy legs.