Shades of Grey Are Also in the Air in Paris

February 20, 2015 Posted by admin

Shades of Grey are also in the air in Paris. Not in beds but in stores, as the shades of grey are the number one happening fashion color for pre spring for women and for men.

The new way to wear grey is to mix it with all the various shades of grey in wool or leather. The grey outfit is best mixed with small textured black and white dots, prints or English style tweeds.

I have found that Paris shopping is best all year long in the first week of February. Why ? Because after the month long January sales are over, everything from last Fall that is left in the best shops are on sale at 70 percent off. You can practically name your price in some exclusive stores. This includes the most expensive couture, fur coats and jewelry as stores must clear everything out for spring.

The ladies coat for 2015 is a 3/4 length simple chic well cut basic that is made of exquisite fabric even grey laces are used for everything from evening coats and wedding gowns.
The men’s suit for 2015 is grey and terribly English sixties tailored style but shorter and tighter.

The pearl grey lace is the newest wedding gown in my Paris couture.

A French woman has a special look, sexy and confident in whatever mix she creates in her closet.
Grey clothing however is eternal and a perfect investment. Grey can be worn every month including summer when the grey jean now outshines the blue jean in newness and Frenchness.

Grey is also mixed with lime green, banana green and grass green as accents.

The black “Kiss My Whips Bootie” is the one must buy shoe for 2015, worn even with gowns long pleated chiffon skirts and dresses. Zippers and metal make the statement.

Paris in Feb is also a month of grey skies to match the grey buildings and the grey river Seine.

Notre Dame keeps the Christmas decor up until the end of Jan so instead of going to the Caribbean and getting Chicken virus from Mosquitos, plan a winter vacation to Paris where the only thing to bite you is your wallet.

Paris Shades of Grey, are Shades of Beauty and Wonderment.