January 8, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

The main point of life is to be feel good about yourself. Power and fame do not buy you happiness, I know, I’ve dressed the almighty. Facelifts and weight loss feel good for ten seconds and they vanish within days, a new car or a big check the same, but happiness lasts. How to be happy? It’s easy. Live in the moment. DEAD YESTERDAY AND UNBORN TOMORROW, WHY FRET ABOUT THEM IF TODAY BE SWEET, by Ram Dass, has been my M.O. all my life. “When you wash the dishes, wash the dishes,” says a lady who has no dish washing machine. BE HERE NOW. Anyone can learn The Art of Happiness…wake up early, watch sunrise, really smell beautiful flowers ( or my perfumes) and watch the sunset, each day, and say a prayer for each GREAT MOMENT and thank God, ( or the Higher Power) for such a day. Also don’t get mad at the crazies, just let them go! Just try and get me angry. I let go.

What am I wearing for even more happiness, Vintage Vicky.

This ruffled layer, multi ribbons, multi print dress was first done in 1965 for the Hippy Look. I redid this Vicky dress in 2016 for HSN. It can be worn belted as there are 12 yards of fabric.The orange suede flats are from H and M Paris and are worn with black pantyhose, the red cowboy handbag is from Neiman Marcus Dallas 1987. Vintage stores and your Mom’s closet have sixties dresses for sure.

This dress is perfect for flying on an airplane and you can take your poodle now for emotional support. My poodle is called Trippy, from 2017.