May 24, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

COCO CHANEL WAS MY MENTOR. She taught me one important life-changing thing (besides telling me to make a perfume), Coco said “fashion is not forever, perfume is” I realized that her saying fashion is not forever meant I was to try to make a dress that sells forever, like perfume, as she did! The Chanel Jacket will sell until life on Earth ends, but Coco also invented pants, black wool pants for women, and the Chanel beige heel with the black toe. Chanel is not just a brand, she taught us designers what is possible, clothing that can sell forever.

When I lecture students I pass on her message. If you can close your eyes and say the name of a dress designer, THEIR FASHION CREATION MUST POP UP IN YOUR MIND INSTANTLY. That same creation is in the minds of millions. That is the goal.
To be remembered by your creation that can sell forever.
It is also the way to have endless income if you do not sell your name.

Here is a list of the designers who achieved this.
COCO CHANEL the Chanel Jacket with black pants
BALENCIAGA…The full skirt gown with fitted waist top, the sack dress
CHARLES JAMES The puffy jacket and the all ruched draped gown
LANVIN short bias beaded chiffon flared at the hem.
CARDIN The bubble dress
YSL The safari jacket, the flared 3/4 Russian skirt, and pant (he lengthened hems)
GIVENCHY the black short fitted sheath that Audrey wore in Breakfast at Tiffany
THEA PORTER..Thé caftan
LOUIS FERAUD.The bikini, launched by Brigitte Bardot at Cannes
RUDI GERNWICH Thé topless swimsuit
PUCCI Multicolor printed T-shirt dress in silk jersey
GALANOS The long sleeve sheath all beaded in the most expensive laces
NORELL sequin sheath in one color
PACO RABANNE The plastic large sequin coin mini dress in silver or gold
AZZADINE The bandage mini dress.
KAMALI The sleeping bag coat
MIA VICKY The wrap dress, hot pants
HALSTON The movie ultrasuede shirtdress
VICKY TIEL Pretty Woman in red.