February 15, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

VALENTINE’S DAY just passed and you are without a man and you really really want one, here is where they are IN PERSON and not online. YOU CAN SMELL THEM.

1. Pensacola’s Elgin Air Force base is the largest air base on the planet. Eglin has not only military men but all the military connected services suppliers like airplane manufacturers and food suppliers visiting the base.

Not in NW Florida? Any military installation will do.

2. Pensacola Airport has the men. It has best looking, best in shape, best brains, the healthiest looking men of any place in the planet. I RECOMMEND SITTING IN THE PENSACOLA AIRPORT LOUNGES AND RESTAURANTS ALL DAY AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR MAN.

3. The large Tom Thumb gas station next to the base has all the gorgeous men, all age groups stopping by for food and gas and hanging out. Some gas stations like Stewart’s in NY state have dining set ups. Buc-ees, in the south (Texas,Alabama & Georgia) has food, shopping and fuel. No matter the time of day, you can always spot a gorgeous man. Picking up men in very nice gas stations is the best spot....”My car has a problem could I ask you for advise” works in every country...

4. The next best place is a sports game where you can move your seats around like a tennis match or golf course.

5. Next is a church or a gym. My divorced girlfriend waited years for her boyfriend to pop the question and she gave him an ultimatum! “Marry me by Christmas or I’ll leave you.” Sadly for him she met husband number two at her gym in November and had moved in with him before Christmas. The long time boyfriend when learning of the situation asked her to marry him too late. The gym-husband was younger, cuter, healthier and crazy crazy about her.

6. THE WORST PLACE TO FIND A LOVER OR A HUSBAND IS ONLINE AS PEOPLE LIE ABOUT WHO THEY ARE.THE NEXT WORST IS A BAR AS YOU DO NOT NEED AN ALCOHOLIC. In France we live in a Cafe society not bars and not a Pub. The French Cafe is a great spot to find your man and Starbucks in the US is almost as good but there is no real year round outside dining like in France where you can sit for hours reading a book until you meet Mr Right.


What am I wearing
The Spinach red gym suit is from Paris in the 80’s. The MARLON inspired black leather jacket is mine since Greenwich Village in the early sixties. The cowboy hat is from the Dallas rodeo. The Batman sneakers are from downtown Detroit in the nineties.