Where to Find Your Second Husband?

May 22, 2014 Posted by admin

Where to find your second husband, and it’s not online.

Finding husband number two, three or four is very different from finding husband number one as your first husband is made up of innocent dreams and idealistic expectations. Husbands after number one are a whole other ball game.

I have been giving advise to women about men for over 50 years. FINDING MEN AND KEEPING THEM has been my speciality. When women undress to buy a dress from me they tell me everything, their whole life story. Finding a husband was the primary topic for my first 20 years, finding husband number two has been the topic for the last 30 years.

The first requirement I tell women when I give my “finding a man advice” while selling them a 5000$ dresses is this, on second marriages the Requirement List must be completely redefined as all the HE MUST HAVE THIS OR I WONT DATE HIM LIST must be thrown away.

My finest advise on finding husband number two is to go for the first man who comes along who is CRAZY ABOUT YOU.

If he is put in your path it’s pure karma, take him. Hemming and hawing that he can’t dress can’t dance or he can’t save money or he likes to watch sports on Sundays are NOT deal breakers.
This future husband is not going to pretend he likes to watch The Mentalist on Sunday night. He is going to watch his football game.

The only deal breaking requirements for husband number two is;

1. Avoid alcoholics, addicts and gamblers
2. Avoid serial cheaters ( I call them rabbits)
3. Avoid murderers and men who show physical violence, crazy anger.

I am totally against finding a man online as I believe in vibrations that pass between living creatures and these vibes are not available online. Besides how can you believe the online man is for real. Why search in cyberspace when the planet is crawling with men you can see and touch. Every other human passing you on the planet is a man.

My list of the top places to find another husband is;

1 TRANSPORTATION, especially airports. The men in airports are generally more successful and like to do things. My preferred airport is Atlanta, (the worlds largest) for finding the macho man and London Heathrow airport for the sophisticate. Trains, buses and gas stations ( Can you help me with the pump? ) all count as transport. If you spend 8 hours moving around all the 6 terminals in Atlanta for a well built man in shorts or the Delta 12 Sky Clubs for silver haired men in suits you will not leave Atlanta without a man, or at least with his card.

2 THE GYM, THE GOLF COURSE, SKI SLOPE, POOL … or active sports… my dear LA girlfriend alone in her sixties gave her long term fiancĂ©e a deadline of marry me by Christmas or I’ll find another man. Stupidly he declined and she went to her Beverly Hills gym in a very sexy gymsuit and married the man on the nearby bike in early November. The boyfriend was heartbroken. In a gym we are sweating and next to naked as sexual as possible without sex.

3 THE STORE, the bigger store the better. The best place to find a good healthy older man is in a grocery store over salads, vegetables or fresh baked breads and these men these deserve a conversation. Have you tried this? Which bread do you prefer? You can see if he eats healthy. Pet food aisle is perfect. ” What breed do you have,” and ice cream can be a fuzzy moment…”I crawled up alone last Saturday with Peanut butter Fudge.”

The men’s store, Bloomingdales is the largest men’s store in NY … stay all day in the cotton shirt department. Barney’s and Bergdorf will land you a very rich husband in custom suits. Be sure to wear $700 Italian shoes.

4 VACATION, go on a cruise and come back with a man. Wear a Vicky Tiel dress, not jeans.

5 ART GALLERIES…ask a single man to take your photo in front of your favorite painting. Then ask him where he’s from.

Do not find him in the BAR, any bar only in a restaurant dining next to you. Men alone in bars are mostly drunks telling lies.


Men alone after a breakup go on African Safaris, to Las Vegas, take a Singles Cruise, go sport fishing in Key West ( that’s where I found mine), go skiing in Aspen or Gstaad, Italians go skiing in Cortina but the number one vacation spot for American men to visit after a breakup is ALASKA. They go to Anchorage and they drive up to the Eagle River Cafe with the “guys” to go to hunt. I have been there at 6 am breakfast and have seen an entire cafe full of gorgeous built men in khakis, very Hemingway, very sad, all with out a single woman. There are no women in Alaska.

After Anchorage the number one city in America to find a husband is Pensacola, Florida. It is a military base of 200000 men all alone, so few with wives. Half of the retired US military and pilots move there at 50. A vacation at Pensacola Beach will find a muscular husband with a motorcyle, a van, a truck and a golf cart. My fisherman husband even has a 50 ‘s silver airstream like John Corbin in Northern Exposure.

After twenty eight years with husband number two, we don’t eat at Maxims or go to St Tropez nor Cannes Film Festival in May nor the Monaco Grand Prix, but I have a man who is CRAZY ABOUT ME. He just asked me to sext him.