I Choose What I Want, & Who I Want To Be

December 28, 2020 Posted by Vicky Tiel

Even though you are told you can’t do something because you are a woman, because you are too young, because, because, DON’T BELIEVE ANYONE, DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND WHAT COMES EASILY. I was told I wasn’t good enough to design on 7th Ave, so in May 1964 I went to Paris with my best friend MIA FONSSAGRIVES and we created the mini and we were world famous by Aug 1964. We were called by the French press, the YE YE Girls.

Blue Jean HOT PANTS from Sears 1964 worn with a silk satin ribbon tied as a belt, a Wal Mart black’ribbed wool undershirt 2005, a Vicky Tiel haute couture jacket in 8 ply Bianchini silk crepe 1987 sold at Bergdorf, a lilac French beret from Galeries Layfayette Paris, crochet stockings from H and M 2019, my mothers Chanel bag from the 70´s, Carel French pointed toe black faille slippers from the 80s…they are back!!!
Where you can wear this, at a sporting event, The Grand Prix, on a first date in a pub.