Praise for The Absolute Woman

“Good instincts and even better prose!”
– Lauren, Marcus,, Daily Fashion Report 
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“Vicky Tiel has inspired generations of women around the globe. She has the unique ability to empower women and give them the confidence gained through the combination of femininity and strength. The Absolute Woman will become an important companion for women who are looking to be inspired and bring out the femininity and power in themselves.”
–Mindy Grossman, CEO, Weight Watchers International

“Vicky ‘absolutely’ understands a woman’s Mind, Body and Spirit. I love her ten points for Feminine Power, as well as her wise and wonderful guidance for dressing, working, eating and creating.”
–Amy Zerner, artist, designer, bestselling author

“Vicky Tiel has done it again! Her first book, It’s All About the Dress, was an absolute must read for anyone even remotely interested in fashion. And years later, Vicky apparently has more to say. In her latest book, The Absolute Woman, Vicky teaches women how to succeed in business without compromising their femininity, and she is living proof of how it’s done. Way before #TimesUp and the #MeTooMovement, Vicky Tiel was blazing the trail for generations of women to come. In her new book, Vicky explains how she went on to craft a successful fragrance empire. This book will inspire and empower girls everywhere, from Baby Boomers to iGens.”
–Francesca Sterlacci, Founder, University of Fashion

“Vicky Tiel, through decades of beautifully dressing women from the famous to the infamous, knows practically everything there is to know about Femininity and Power. In her new book, The Absolute Woman, she will show you how to unlock that power within you.”
–Jeffrey Banks, Coty Award-winning fashion designer, author

The Absolute Woman: It’s All About Feminine Power, by Vicky Tiel is an ‘Absolute’ must read! The famed American born French designer has had quite the life thus far and she wants to share her knowledge and spread the word about female empowerment. If anyone owns the bragging rights to dish about taking control of your life and destiny, and owning who you are, it is Vicky, who revolutionized fashion in the 60s. Informative, motivational, and inspirational, it is also highly entertaining not to mention deliciously juicy, provocative (and just a little bit naughty) with pages filled with iconic images, Vicky’s own exuberant sketches, words of wisdom to live by, and memorable quotes. It has it all!”
–Marilyn Kirchner, Editor in Chief, The Look on Line


Praise for It’s All About The Dress

“Vicky Tiel enjoyed remarkable success very early in life — and, unlike many who do so, she’s been able to keep it up. The designer says this is because she’s so driven. When she was just 20, she and her friend Mia Fonssagrives, like Tiel a recent Parsons graduate, launched their own collection in Paris. Life magazine devoted a prominent spread to them in 1965.”
– Lorna Koski, Women’s Wear Daily
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“The original purveyor of the miniskirt and Elizabeth Taylor’s caftan unravels fabulous, chatty tales of her early success in the 1960s as a young American fashion designer in Paris. A student of Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, Tiel became known around Greenwich Village as Peaches LaTour for her original, thrift-store, bohemian look (leather mini, lace stockings, boots), creating sexy looks that delighted her boyfriends but shocked the establishment. Along with a well-connected schoolmate, Mia Fonssagrives (stepdaughter of Irving Penn), Tiel aimed to take Paris by storm, and they did, within a few months of arriving in 1963, with the help of former top model Dorian Leigh (aka Holly Golightly) and fashion designer Louis Féraud. From doing the costumes for movies like What’s New, Pussycat? (“Ursula Andress taught me the power of a dress”) to dressing Elizabeth Taylor for more than 20 years, Tiel was the “it” girl. By turns nutty and tender, she offers priceless anecdotes about Liz and Richard, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, hippies, and dating married men.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

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