It’s about time women rule in the Art World

August 27, 2012 Posted by admin

It’s about time women rule in the Art World. We are half the sky and only perhaps 10% to 20% of the art on display in galleries but that will soon change, as 38 % of women now earn more money than men in America, and will soon realize that they must support their sisters  in the arts and buy their work.

Upstate New York and the Hudson River valley have recently become Mecca for women artists and art loving couples from 35 to 65 as there are endless “Woodstocky” men who ride motorcycles and who can convert barns and Victorian farmhouses for lady artists to settle down with. It’s the  perfect spot for New Yorkers in search of a quality life and they are leaving the city in droves and moving to Hudson and Catskill where fresh food, art, antiques and down home style friendly faces await to sell them beautiful spacious properties that cost the price of their New York City bedroom with a walk in closet.

Front Row: Peggy Cyphers, Valerie Hammond, Richard Timperio, Portia Munson, Claudia McNulty, Linda Levit, Maricken Cochius Second Row: Cate Woodruff, Cynthia Kerasek, Lynne Stone, Susan Mastrangelo, Yura Adams, Paula DeLuccia, Sasha Chermayeff, Marianne Van Lent, Jane Kaufman Third Row: Ruth Hardinger, Christy Rupp, Judy Thomas, Victoria Brill

Behind the Catskill Cowgirls in the window is the large neon piece is by artist, Judy Thomas; entitled, Dudette.

The Catskill Cowgirls with curator Richard Timperio are taking over the town of Catskill at the western end of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge as it crosses the magnificent Hudson River. The 70 local women who showed their latest art work at the Brik Gallery on Main Street in Catskill, are having their third annual month long show. There were fun dressed crowds of all ages to share the art as well as sharing the joy of live folk music and a hillside country barbecue, everyone loving the August summer experience.

The Cowgirl show was the brainstorm of the local real estate mogul, Frank Cuthbert, also a musician, (he played guitar) and his curator, Richard Timperio whose girlfriend Patricia Luccardi was also wearing a Cowboy hat and a Cowgirl dress.

I flew over the pond from France to Albany after covering the art and fashion scene in Paris only to see a heart stopping piece, “Puppets Revenge” by JoAnne Carson at the Albany airport art gallery. Now we don’t have that in Paris, an airport art gallery!  What a novel idea.  Now we do have haute couture accessories shops in all the major world airports. How about airport art galleries Mr LHMV?  You could sell art books and prints, and postcards and Vuitton tote bags embossed with Van Gogh vases.

Albany airport also has a meditation room for the artists (and Buddhists)  who live in the mountains and take the Acela Express train down the Hudson River to Manhattan to visit their Chelsea galleries. A very Nice life!

Dear New Yorkers and other travelers, DO VISIT Catskill and the women’s show at the Brik and stop by Olana ,the Hudson home of Thomas Cole and the Romantic Hudson River movement. The Hudson Valley is a romantic getaway and an end of summer treat for the soul.

Puppets Revenge, Jo Anne Carson. Jo Anne Carson was the Albany Airport Art Show favorite






The Great Memory, Valerie Hammond







Wait, Yura Adams




Little Seahorse, Charise Isis Eponina






Mom, Susanna Brackman





Predator, Claudia McNulty





Five Generations of the Two-Wilson Family, Ronnie Farley





So Many Christians, So Few Lions, Jane Kaufman




Morning, Maricken Cochius




Artist, Sky Warn Leaving Albany I spotted this artistic couple in the parking lot.They are weather tracking artists called, “Sky Warn”, who are into art as a “life Experience”.

Much like the Russian performance artist Marina Abrimovich, who is setting up shop in the town of Hudson( in the local theatre actually), Marina is the wave of things to come. At 62, she is age appropriate to have her “new life ” in the Hudson Valley. I hope it will bring her happiness.