January 18, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

Tip on Feminine Power.

Don’t chase after a man, EVER! Men are everywhere, especially at airports, train stations, sports games, in the stands, and at concerts.I find really nice men at gas stations when I ask for help inside my car hood.

I tell the women I’ve dressed since I started sewing clothes to sell at 12( and that makes 65 years of heart to heart talks with other females). I found that giving advise was a way to get close to another female as they would loosen up and share all their inner thoughts while in a bra and panties with a tape measure around their waist. Dressing women is a form of helping others and I love it!

What am I wearing out of my closets and my mother’s closet?

A Bianchini silk print haute couture Vicky Tiel jacket with a 1930s pink brooch on the lapel from the Paris flea market, my mothers 1950s gold necklace, a pink lacy slip from Monoprix with my couture beading down the front, my mother’s Chanel bag from the 70s, French crochet stockings, Silk faille Carel Paris black suede high heels, Bakelite bangles from the 1950s that I buy in Miami. I am holding my last book, THE ABSOLUTE WOMAN. It’s a must read for my lady friends.

Where I would wear this, my Birthday dinner, New Year’s Eve, or any holiday dinner at a restaurant or someone’s home for a very special night.