June 7, 2021 Posted by Vicky Tiel

I have just discovered that two girlfriends who are 40 and 75, both told me the same complaint within a week. They are both super smart, with super-high IQs, and both have near-genius ability to solve problems and understand complicated instructions and both are fabulous cooks, gardeners, however, both have the same problem.
They have migraines.
They have trouble sleeping.

When I asked for details they both described the identical problem, THEIR HIGH IQ BRAINS ARE ON OVERDRIVE. They think and think and ask themselves questions constantly, why did X say that, what should I do. Their smarter brains recall every childhood memory, all the wrongs, all the whys, and all the what if’s. They analyze and solve and recall and remember and compare and approve or disapprove and get hurt about past memories and they can’t sleep. Nonstop brains in all directions. Whew! I BARELY RECALL ANYTHING AND DON’T FOCUS ON THE PAST ONLY THE NOW.

I tell them my solution and hope it can happen as they are both such lovely women.
The solution is the shut down the brain and LIVE IN THE NOW. LEARN TO NOT THINK. As RAM DASS said
No past no worries of the future.Just the NOW. But I will shut the now down too, as it’s possible to have zero thoughts. I float. Floating is fun, empty-headed. Nothing in my head. Nada.
I see the blue 3rd eye.
Learn to have no thoughts, only landscapes and sky’s, and focus on birds singing.

But I do think of these 4 NOW things during the day.
1 what will I do today, I make To-Do lists when I rise at 5 am
2 what will I wear, eat, and who to call and where am I going.
3 I do think about what work I can do today to make $$ to pay for my bills,
now I write books, blogs, and now movie scripts. I work all the time.
4 I play with my pets…grandkids when I see them and eat healthy food.

If someone says or does something bad to me I ignore it. I don’t dance and

My Liza Caftan is named after Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter Liza, who inspired it after a bias skirt she found. This Caftan has been selling since 1972 at Bendel’s. This one was on HSN in 2014, on a day I sold 2000. The poodle bag is from Harrods London and the necklaces are from my travels in Africa. My fun sandals are from Target.