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My Recent Visit to the Irving Penn Exhibit “Assignment”

October 15, 2013 Posted by admin

My recent visit to the Irving Penn exhibit "Assignment " at Pace McGill gallery in NY was a real shock. I expected to see Penn's famous Vogue photos of his wife Lisa, and his favorite model Jean Patc....

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A Green Can Opener Sold in 1977 Opened the World to Home Shopping

October 8, 2013 Posted by admin

An avocado green can electric opener sold on the radio in Clearwater Florida in 1977 was the birth of at-home shopping. I was dumbfounded when I learned this fact at my first class of "How to Sell o....

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My Diet by Numbers

September 27, 2013 Posted by admin

Most Americans eat 3 servings of fruits, vegetables and nuts a day. I was shocked to find this out when I did a study while traveling on airplanes for fashion shows at 21 Neiman Marcus stores around A....

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The sexual revolution started in the late fifties in Paris with two movies and two big movie stars

August 22, 2013 Posted by admin

  The sexual revolution started in the late fifties in Paris with two movies and two big movie stars: Brigitte Bardot in And God Created a Woman in 1956 and Jean Paul Belmondo in Breathless in 1....

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There Is No Grey in Paris Fashion This Summer

August 7, 2013 Posted by admin

There is no grey in Paris fashion this summer, only black and white and vivid colors; fushia, magenta, cobalt, lime, tangerine, and rose red. There are magnificent prints; Sweet English flowers, Ic....

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Fashion Design Student Style: From the ’60s to Today

December 13, 2012 Posted by admin

If you want to be a top dress designer today, you have to go to a great fashion school, and NYC offers two of the world's best fashion schools: FIT and Parsons. Fashion students today at FIT, which....

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Whitney Will Be Missed

February 19, 2012 Posted by admin

Whitney will be missed, the Whitney we loved so deeply had already gone...her voice had already left the building, years before the beautiful body had followed. My husband, Mike woke me up at night t....

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Patti Smith Just Sang Her Heart Out to Us in Manhattan

February 13, 2012 Posted by admin

She sang these previously unrecorded songs..."Around the World in Eighty Days" and "The Shadow of your Smile", accompanied only by an older, long-haired man with a guitar. I had been invited to join a....

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The Art of Happiness for 2012

January 23, 2012 Posted by admin

Own Your Own Business! Better yet, if you can, do not involve your father or mother, best friend, and especially never your husband... as he can threaten you, fire you and even replace you with anothe....

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Elizabeth Taylor Caviar Sandwiches – Perfect for New Year’s Eve!

December 31, 2011 Posted by admin

  Elizabeth Taylor's New Year's Eve at Home, during our "fun years" in the sixties, consisted of family, fashion, and food. Family consisted of her four kids, Michael, Chris, Liza and Maria; a ....

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